• harrison ford learns how palm oil is linked to deforestation

    Harrison Ford Learns How Palm Oil Is Linked to Deforestation

    Actor Harrison Ford travels to Indonesia to learn why demand for palm oil in everyday products at the grocery store is driving massive deforestation. To learn more and take action, go to: https

  • palm oil - the orangutan project

    Palm Oil - The Orangutan Project

    Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is being ploughed to the ground across South East Asia to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is used in everything from snack foods to soaps. It is found in over half all packaged items on our supermarket shelves.

  • asia: bbc documentary reveals the increasing problem with

    Asia: BBC documentary reveals the increasing problem with

    The carbon debt of palm oil. 08.08.09. World Agroforestry Centre scientists have published data on the storage of carbon in palm oil plantations. Sustainable Palm Oil gets boost in China. 25.07.09. Major China-based producers and users of palm oil have announced they intend to provide more support for sustainable palm oil.

  • indonesia's palm oil curse | environment | al jazeera

    Indonesia's Palm Oil Curse | Environment | Al Jazeera

    101 East exposes how companies and the government are turning a blind eye to the human cost of palm oil production. Indonesia is the world's largest producer of palm oil. From chocolate and ice

  • please help fund! documentary: palm oil in the peruvian

    Please help fund! Documentary: Palm Oil in the Peruvian

    The expansion of oil palm across the Peruvian Amazon is driving land grabs, the violation of indigenous peoples' rights and the destruction of unique bio-cultural diversity, due to massive deforestation.As top oil palm producing countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia literally run out of land, the oil palm industry is increasingly moving its operations into the Peruvian Amazon.

  • last stand - years of living dangerously

    Last Stand - Years Of Living Dangerously

    In the Last Stand story, Harrison Ford travels to Indonesia to investigate the palm oil industry and its impacts on greenhouse gases through deforestation. By way of the Years Project, we are hopeful that people will finally understand the dramatic connection between deforestation and

  • the world's biggest oil companies dominating the world

    The World's Biggest Oil Companies Dominating the World

    The World's Biggest Oil Companies Dominating the World Economy (Full Documentary). Documentaries have for many decades inhabited the schedules of public broadcasters. They have chronicled the

  • exclusive clip from dicaprio's climate doc exposes

    Exclusive Clip From DiCaprio's Climate Doc Exposes

    "This important film brings much needed attention to the destruction of rainforests for palm oil, which is a huge driver of global climate change.We must aggressively address the deforestation crisis in places like Indonesia's Leuser Ecosystem," said Lindsey Allen, executive director of Rainforest Action Network.

  • 11 powerful netflix documentaries that will change how you

    11 Powerful Netflix Documentaries That Will Change How You

    11 Powerful Netflix Documentaries That Will Change How You Think About the Planet. Project Makeover' overfishing and oil spills did not seem like issues to you before, take a look at the

  • dubai palm islands - top documentary films

    Dubai Palm Islands - Top Documentary Films

    The Palm Islands are artificial peninsulas constructed of sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf by the Belgian company Jan De Nul and the Dutch company Van Oord. The sand is sprayed by the dredging ships, which are guided by DGPS, onto the required area in a process known as rain-bowing

  • moment of truth - greenpeace international

    Moment of Truth - Greenpeace International

    Palm oil is a high-risk commodity. Palm oil traders (typically corporations that also have plantation interests) continue to allow oil from rainforest destroyers into their mills, refineries and distribution systems, and neither governments nor the main industry body - the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) - can currently be relied on to prevent producers from engaging in

  • evidence mounts for oil palm under agroforestry in brazil

    Evidence mounts for oil palm under agroforestry in Brazil

    In 2010, Brazil produced less than 1 per cent of the world's palm oil. But, with large areas of land in the country considered suitable for oil palm, the potential for high yields, increased incomes and greater employment opportunities, the area under oil palm is set to rapidly expand.

  • home movie 2009 transcript

    HOME Movie 2009 Transcript

    This catastrophe was provoked by the decision to produce palm oil, one of the most productive and consumed oils in the world, on Borneo. Palm oil not only caters to our growing demand for food, but also cosmetics, detergents and, increasingly, alternative fuels. The forest's diversity was replaced by a single species, the oil palm.

  • rise of the eco-warriors - home | facebook

    Rise of the Eco-Warriors - Home | Facebook

    The Gecko Project. Media/News Company. Willie Smits. Public Figure. Palm Oil Consumer Action. Cause. One Casualty of the Palm Oil Industry: An Orangutan Mother, Shot 74 Times A while ago we the producers put Rise of the Eco-Warriors on YouTube (with Indonesian subtitles) so you can find

  • criticisms of cargill

    Criticisms of Cargill

    Cargill, through their oil palm arm CTP Holdings, owns 5 oil palm plantations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is the largest exporter of palm oil to the USA. Cargill is also the largest US importer of palm oil, sourcing the oil from at least 26 producers and buying roughly 11% of Indonesia's total oil palm output.

  • social and environmental impact of palm oil

    Social and environmental impact of palm oil

    Palm oil, produced from the oil palm, is a basic source of income for many farmers in South East Asia, Central and West Africa, and Central America.It is locally used as a cooking oil, exported for use in many commercial food and personal care products and is converted into biofuel.

  • life in a palm - public television of armenia

    Life in a Palm - Public Television of Armenia

    "Life in a Palm" new TV series will air every workday. The TV series focus on a person's emotions and feelings.

  • the new "cube" exhibit in the democratic republic of the

    The new "Cube" exhibit in the Democratic Republic of the

    Also discussed: the documentary and feature films currently underway about the project, and the educational program in development, which Martens hopes to one day emit from the white cube to

  • 8 palm oil free alternatives to your favourite products you

    8 palm oil free alternatives to your favourite products you

    Lifestyle › Food + Drink 8 palm oil free alternatives to your favourite products you can buy in the UK Over 50,000 orangutans have died as a result of palm oil deforestation, here's how you

  • pdf reducing risk in oil and gas operations - dell emc

    PDF Reducing Risk in Oil and Gas Operations - Dell EMC

    Reducing Risk in Oil and Gas Operations W H I T E P A P E R Sponsored by: EMC Roberta Bigliani May 2013 IDC ENERGY INSIGHTS OPINION Risk management is an integral part of day-to-day business activities in the energy industry. Oil and gas companies face risks ranging from volatile commodity prices, which are less linked to basic supply and

  • palm oil - deforestation for everyday products - rainforest

    Palm oil - deforestation for everyday products - Rainforest

    Palm oil is literally everywhere - in our foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and fuels. It's a source of huge profits for multinational corporations, while at the same time destroying the livelihoods of smallholders. Displacement of indigenous peoples, deforestation and loss of biodiversity are all consequences of our palm oil consumption.

  • palm oil production in indonesia

    Palm oil production in Indonesia

    Palm oil production is important to the economy of Indonesia as the country is the world's biggest producer and consumer of the commodity, providing about half of the world's supply. In 2016, Indonesia produced over 34.5 million tons of palm oil, and exported nearly 73% of it. Oil palm plantations stretch across 12 million hectares, and is projected to reach 13 million by 2020.

  • the orangutan project

    The Orangutan Project

    The Orangutan Project (TOP) is a not-for-profit organisation, supporting orangutan conservation, rainforest protection, local community partnerships and the rehabilitation and reintroduction of displaced orangutans back to the wild, in order to save the two orangutan species from extinction.

  • palm oil imports by country

    Palm Oil Imports by Country

    Year over year, palm oil imports slipped -6.8% from 2017 to 2018. An edible vegetable oil, palm oil is derived from the reddish pulp of oil palm plant fruit. Palm oil is a highly saturated vegetable fat used for lower-cost cooking, blending into mayonnaise and as a butter substitute. Palm oil is also an ingredient for biodiesel fuels.

  • pdf teacher resource - melbourne zoo

    PDF Teacher Resource - Melbourne Zoo

    What do you believe are the different points of view on the use of palm oil? What would be the impact(s) if manufacturers stopped using palm oil tomorrow? Why do you think there are strong supporters of palm oil? Why is palm oil such a popular resource? Is there a better replacement for palm oil?

  • indonesia is still burning | takepart

    Indonesia Is Still Burning | TakePart

    In 2013 the world consumed 55 million metric tons of palm oil, nearly four times what it used 20 years earlier. Since 2000, consumption of palm oil in the U.S. has increased sixfold. The popularity of palm oil can be measured in the destruction of Indonesia's forests and peatlands.

  • economic analysis of agricultural projects

    Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects

    At the time the Nucleus Estate/Smallholder Oil Palm Project in Rivers State, Nigeria, was appraised, the official exchange rate was N 1 = US$1.54. (The symbol for Nigerian naira is N.) The project analysts were given a shadow exchange rate of N1 = US$1.27 to use in their economic evaluation.

  • ejatlas | mapping environmental justice

    EJAtlas | Mapping Environmental Justice

    The EJ Atlas is a teaching, networking and advocacy resource. Strategists, activist organizers, scholars, and teachers will find many uses for the database, as well as citizens wanting to learn more about the often invisible conflicts taking place.

  • the effects of palm oilorangutan foundation international

    The Effects of Palm OilOrangutan Foundation International

    Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world, having even surpassed soya in terms of usage. Surging global demand for palm oil has fueled massive forest destruction throughout Indonesia and Malaysia, countries that together account for 85% of the world's palm oil production. Palm oil is ubiquitous!

  • target : expect more. pay less.

    Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

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